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Rivers Of Milk And Honey (i, ii, iii), Embroidery on Silk, 304.8 x 304.8 cm , 2022.

The series of tapestries titled "Rivers Of Milk And Honey'' creates aesthetical yet dysfunctional imagery of heaven and a landscape, employing paintings originally made by the Pakistani Taliban to encourage young minds to seek heaven. In 2009, during the operation against terrorism, the Pakistani army discovered these paintings in a training compound near South Waziristan, which they believed was a brainwashing centre where young boys aged 12 to 18 were trained as suicide bombers. These paintings depict soothing landscapes, with women sitting next to and taking baths in the rivers of milk and honey.

These images were once functional to manifest the idea of heaven. In the artist's work, however, reproductions are woven, exploring physicality within the process of depiction, of an idea to its dysfunctionality.

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