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No Land for a Fisherman, 2012, Acrylic face mounted photo rag. 66.6 x 100 cm each (series of 6).

‘No Land For a Fisherman’ is collection of six photographs, which were taken during my stay in an old fishermen’s settlement.

While living there, I realized that fishing was a profession that did not exist anymore as it once used to. However, I felt that it still continues to survive on another plane of existence: you can still feel the people who partook in it, and lived as parts of the profession itself. The work, then, is intended to be a response to the memory of the profession.

I resolved to create not only a very personal landscape of the fishermen for my work, but also to develop a counter dialogue. For this purpose, I decided to stay in an old fisherman’s home for a few days while he was away. During my stay I ventured to open some of his most personal things, and photograph them. I did not tinker with anything I opened: I photographed everything just as I had found them.

My work is intended to show that while there might be no land for fishermen, they do not really need a land of their own, as fishermen.

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