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Series of All Divided Equally, 2019, Inkjet on Museo Max. 33.33cm x 50cm each.

The work titled "Series of All Divided Equally" deals with the aesthetics of balance and equality in the decisions humans make when dividing food amongst themselves, and others.

I have been exploring ideational concepts surrounding equal division ever since I began splitting my life and time between two very different parts of the world - Lahore and Amsterdam. In this, I have attempted to imagine the impossible. I have wondered if it would be possible to divide all the resources equally amongst everyone and that should equal distribution be made possible, what might be the aesthetical outcome of such.

At present, it seems that this would be a series that I would wish to continue for the rest of my practice. For this work, there are more then a hundred diptychs for now. This number is expected to grow overtime as I continue to find new edibles items that I may divide and photograph. Ultimately, I am motivated by the intent to cover all possible eatables. Here, all diptychs would be unique with no editions, and no item or eatable would ever be repeated in this series.

As the title suggests, I plan to divide all that exists for everyone to consume equally. This may be as idealistic as it sounds but that is the beauty of art. That which cannot exist in the real world, can exist within the space of a work of art.

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